Top 10 money making degrees

Debates over the cost of tuition in England are ongoing and while we are fortunate to receive free tuition, it’s hard not to wonder what will make you the most money.

Whether you are submitting your UCAS application in January or are just thinking about what you would like to apply for next year, it is good to know what you’ll be facing post-graduation.

10. Building

A building degree might not sound very glamorous, but it can lead to careers like surveying and construction management which are both always in demand of new talent.

Average starting salary: £26,262

9. Electrical and electronic engineering

Engineering dominates almost half of the top 10 money making degrees. In an electrical and electronic engineering degree you will learn how to apply and manipulate electricity.

Average starting salary: £26,418

8. Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering uses the basics of maths and physics to create and build everyday mechanical devices. They design everything from engines to escalators.

Average starting salary: £26,837

7. General engineering

If engineering sounds like the career for you but you aren’t sure what to specialise in, general engineering could be the perfect fit. On this course you will learn how to apply the basics of physics and maths to create and build different aspects of society.

Average starting salary: £27,654

6. Chemical engineering

Along with physics and maths, chemical engineers learn how to apply chemistry. Chemical engineers are needed in nearly every industry as they work with everything from fuel to food.

Average starting salary: £27,696

5. Veterinary medicine

Becoming a vet sounds like a dream, helping animals all day and a starting salary to put a bigger smile on your face.

Average starting salary: £27,721

4. Economics

If the world of stocks, shares and finance fascinates you a career in economics is the perfect choice. This is an important job with a salary to match as you predict future buying behaviours.

Average starting salary:£28,019

3. Medicine

This degree takes a long five years before you are qualified but it’s definitely worth it. The starting salary for a medicine graduates echoes how important they are to society.

Average starting salary: £29,352

2. Dentistry

As long as sugar exists dentists will be in high demand. As one of the highest paid careers for graduates and typical nine to five working hours, its no wonder this is such an appealing career.

Average starting salary: £31,341

1. Complementary medicine

A degree in complementary medicine is top of the list for the highest paid degrees for graduates. Students will learn about the treatment of illness and disease by means other than clinical medicine. This can range from herbal remedies and hypnosis to how beauty therapy aids wellbeing.

Average starting salary: £31,574

Bonus – all of these careers have great opportunities to progress, achieve more and earn more.

While money, glitter and gold is an attractive prospect, choosing a degree that you will enjoy is the most important thing. Living a happy, stress-free life is way more valuable than a high bank balance.

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