TOP 5: simple pleasures

Today is International Day of Happiness. Yes, that’s right – a day to feel positive, to smile at strangers and skip down the street if you feel that way inclined.

While this UN-established day might seem a bit daft, looking on the bright side of life does have its benefits. According to research carried out by University College London back in 2011, happy people live longer – even if you’ve got additional health problems and worries. More importantly, we’re all entitled to be happy and content with our lives.

If the rain outside and essay deadlines and getting stress from your mum are all making it hard to think sunshiny thoughts, we’ve had a quick ask around the office to find out what simple things make us grin like lunatics. Here are some of the simple pleasures in life that make Team Source that little bit happier…


Long lies

img135Is there any better feeling than lying in your bed, waiting for your alarm to go off and then – nothing. Silence. Because it’s Sunday and you’re free to stay there as long as you want! You can even roll over and catch another forty winks. Getting an unexpected long lie is probably the best feeling in the world – and it has its health benefits! Sleep is essential for growth, brain development and your general health and wellbeing. Back in 2010, one Tynseside school let its pupils start at 10am, and that extra hour in bed had incredible results – happier, better behaved teenagers everywhere. It might be time to have a word with your head teacher…


Sweet treats

img136Chocolate. Cupcakes. Shortbread. Empire biscuits. Yum yums – ooh, yum yums. As well as tasting amazing, it feels like there is no problem a sugary snack can’t fix (in moderation). Spoiling yourself every now and then is a nice treat, but it isn’t a long term solution – sugar can provide a temporary chemical high but it doesn’t last. Bizarrely, one study has shown that a bit of chocolate can make people more inclined to help others. Just make sure you don’t overdo it – sugar comes with negative health issues too, like weight gain and clogged arteries, so be careful what you consume.



img137While hitting the gym, signing up for a yoga class or pounding the pavements might sound like your idea of hell, hear us out. Exercise is good for the mind, body and soul, not only working up your strength and fitness, but impacting on your mental health too. Exercise releases endorphins, or happy hormones, so a quick lap round the park will have you smiling in no time – once you get over the sweat. Plus, it means you can eat all the cake you want (within reason). Result!



img138From Ibiza to New York, Sydney to Skegness, there’s nothing like a trip away from your home town to lift your spirits. Whether you’re lying in the sunshine for two weeks, exploring a new city for the weekend or visiting a different part of the country with friends for the day, a trip away is a great way to forget about the stresses and strains of your day to day life. A short-term solution, but one survey carried out by Expedia showed that those who take a holiday three times a year are more likely to be satisfied with their life. Having something to plan, look forward to, enjoy then relive through memories will have a big old grin creeping across your face in no time.


Pharrell Williams – Happy

If you don’t get up and dance to this mind-bogglingly brilliant track, you’ve got the strength of character which is sought out by MI5. Contact their recruitment team immediately.

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