Volunteering opportunities with Project Trust

Spread your wings and immerse yourself in a community overseas with long-term, structured volunteering placements from Project Trust.

Project Trust has been organising long term volunteering placements in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Oceania for over 50 years, making them the most experienced educational charity specialising in overseas volunteering for school-leavers.


From their home on the Hebridean Isle of Coll, the team at Project Trust select young people from across the UK, and wider Europe, for eight or 12 month structured overseas placements.

The majority of Project Trust Volunteers will take part in teaching projects, although youth work, social care, medical and outdoor education placements are available.

“The long term placement is what distinguishes Project Trust from the other gap year organisations. You have time to witness the impact of your efforts, see your students evolve and form strong bonds with communities. You are not an observer – I cherished the responsibility of being needed and respected for my role.”

Project Trust Volunteer, Zambia.


Since 1967, Project Trust has provided nearly 8000 young people with an incredible and unique educational experience, allowing them to develop a range of skills as well as gaining valuable work and employability experience.

Project Trust’s work allows young people to become more resilient as well as more aware of themselves and their place in the world.


Volunteers return home with broadened horizons, increased maturity and an impressive range of transferable skills. In addition, all Project Trust Volunteers have the opportunity to gain an accredited Level 3 Qualification in International Volunteering as formal recognition of their learning.

“Mixing with loads of different and interesting people from different cultures and age groups. Realising that despite cultural, religious and linguistic differences, there are some things that transcend these barriers and form international bridges.”

Project Trust Volunteer, Senegal


For each young person who Project Trust work with, their journey is one of personal discovery, growth and development.

The first part of that journey is a five day residential Selection Course.

Selection provides interested young people with the opportunity to learn more about Project Trust and for Project Trust to get to know them. During Selection, candidates will have the opportunity to engage in a range of activities with a diverse group of young people from across the UK and beyond.

Project Trust has developed a skills framework which allows our Volunteers to track their personal development throughout their journey, wherever they are in the world.

“I’d not heard anything about any gap year organisations until a friend returned from a Selection Course and couldn’t stop talking about it. The excitement was contagious and all I could think was – why can’t I do that?”

Project Trust Volunteer, Japan

Project Trust offers the adventure of a lifetime for young people who want to challenge themselves, learn about the world and be a positive force within it.

To find out more, and to apply, visit the Project Trust website. Or follow the team on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo.

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