Welbeck: The 6th form college that leads to a career with the Armed Forces and MoD

Welbeck Defence 6th Form College isn’t like any other A-level College in the country.

Get a place, and you don’t just get to study at one of the best colleges in the UK. You get an assured university place – including a £4,000 a year bursary. Even better, you get a career in the Armed Forces or civil service as soon as you graduate.

Tuition at the college is funded by the Ministry of Defence and boarding fees are means tested, so while parents may be asked to make a contribution, that amount is based on what they earn. 25% of students pay nothing to attend Welbeck.

The college focuses on developing future engineers, so for anyone looking for a career in that area, it could be the best start they could ever get. Places aren’t easy to get, however. Welbeck students have drive, ambition and ability – and they work hard! But the effort they put in is rewarded with some very special benefits.

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Take the adventurous training, for example. Welbeck students have visited everywhere from Mount Blanc to Egypt, doing everything from mountaineering to scuba diving.

The college also takes sport seriously, with top quality coaching and facilities. Whether it’s team sports like football, rugby and hockey, or solo events like swimming, fitness and sport are central to life at Welbeck – and the students love it.

The college is residential, meaning students live there full-time for each term, so a lot of work goes into making students feel happy and settled. Everyone gets an en-suite room and access to brilliant facilities, and there are always people on hand to talk to about issues of any kind.

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Of course, study is important, and the teaching at Welbeck is some of the best in the country. The college boasts a 100% A level pass rate, and 98% of students in 2012 were offered a university place.

From there, students go on to high-flying engineering careers as Officers in the Armed Forces or civil service with jobs guaranteed.

So if you think you’re an engineer of the future, or you’ve ever considered a career in the Armed Forces, Welbeck could be the 6th form college for you. With superb education, adventure, sport and a great social life, you certainly couldn’t wish for a better place to start.

welbeck_logoTo find out more visit www.dsfc.ac.uk or find us on facebook.

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