5 ways to get fit without going to the gym


It’s the start of 2016 and who doesn’t want to start with a New Year’s resolution? For many, getting fit and becoming more active will be high on the agenda of life goals this year, but if you’re a bit gym-phobic, how do you do this? Here are five fun and unusual ways to get fit and healthy for the new year without having to go to the crammed gym full of all those sweaty people who also want to get fit.

1. Trampolining

Trampolining is the new fun way to get fit – and no, not outside in the garden on the gigantic piece of kit you begged your parents for years ago. Indoor trampoline parks have opened up around Glasgow and Edinburgh, so why don’t you go with a bunch of friends and bounce about? Airspace, situated in East Kilbride, has an offer for the whole of January which is 2 hours for the price of 1. They advise to pre-book online or by phone to avoid disappointment.

Ryze Edinburgh- www.ryzeedinburgh.com

Ryze Glasgow- www.ryzeglasgow.com

Airspace East Kilbride- air-space.co.uk

2. Take a hike or a walk around the city

There’s nothing more breath-taking than taking a hike up a mountain on a dry day and seeing the scenery down below and do you know what? it keeps you fit too! You can walk your dog or borrow one – you might even get paid! – if you fancy a bit of company. You don’t have to go hiking up a hill – taking a walk around town and popping into a few shops is another way to stay fit. Who knows? You could maybe pick up a great bargain while you are staying healthy!

3. Skiing/snowboarding

Reach those fitness aims by taking up a new sport – what about skiing or snowboarding? Both are great fun winter activities and you don’t even need snow! Snow Factor at Soar in Glasgow (based at Intu Braehead) offers tuition and you can have loads of fun along with getting fit, even try the sledging. Keep an eye out for deals on Groupon and voucher sites.

4. Staying at home

If you feel you can’t face leaving the house when you’re working out, then why not get your tunes on, turn up the volume and dance like mad all over the house? Another way to do this is by buying a fitness DVD by one of your favourite celebrities (Davina McCall is a favourite) or playing Just Dance on your games console. You could even compete against your friends when the come over and show off your new amazing dance moves.

5. Join the circus

Have you ever thought about running away and joining the circus? Well you can get fit and have fun learning circus skills like trapeze, acrobatics and ariel hoo!. All sounds incredibly scary but promises to be the best fun and will make you super fit. You might just end up changing your career path and joining the circus! Take a look at www.spinalchord.com or Google circus skills for classes in your area.

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