Back to school: What to expect when school starts

The countdown is on to the first day back at school after First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed classes will start again on 11 August.

After four months off it’s nearly time for school to start again. Due to the coronavirus pandemic there has been uncertainty on when schools will return and how. This morning (30 July), Nicola Sturgeon confirmed schools will return full-time from 11-18 August.

What to expect

Depending on where you live, classes will return full-time between 11 and 18 August, and your school might do a phased return where different years come back at different times.

Physical distancing won’t be enforced between pupils, but secondary schools have been encouraged to adjust the layout of classrooms and flow in corridors to keep young people apart.

Some extra measures will be put in place to make sure you and school staff remain safe. This will include extra cleaning and hand hygiene requirements along with quick access to testing for anyone who develops symptoms.

Getting prepared

There’s more to getting prepped for school than mastering your new skincare routine, especially after being away from the classroom for so long.

Your teachers and other school staff might be wearing face coverings, but this isn’t enforced and is up to each individual. As a student, you aren’t required to wear a face covering.

Before your first day back, take a look at your classes for this year to remind yourself of your subject choices and get your bag ready with any books or resources you might need.


Going back to school, seeing your friends and studying after a long time can be scary, especially as the coronavirus pandemic is ongoing.

If you are worried about going back to school for any reason, speak to your parents, friends or a trusted teacher about your concerns.

You can also contact mental health charities Samaritans or Tiny Changes for advice and support if you feel anxious about the return to school.

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