Help others on the BSc Adult Nursing course at University of Stirling

The BSc Adult Nursing course the at University of Stirling could be your perfect career path. We speak to Graeme, a third year student on the course.

From a young age, Graeme has been motivated to give back, working across youth services, mental health support and more, before he started his degree in Adult Nursing at the University of Stirling.

“I was really fortunate to get the chance to work with so many amazing people in so many different roles,” enthuses Graeme.

Inspired to continue helping others, Graeme decided to pursue a career in nursing, he says: “Nursing seemed to give me the best chance to work with people, continue to develop the skills I wanted and provide me with the variation and challenge
that I want from a career.”

“I wanted to take all the skills I had developed across all my jobs and apply it to something new,” continues Graeme. “My plan was to come in to nursing and given the chance, work in sexual health, something I had done in youth work but not quite in the same way.”


Graeme always had his sights set on the University of Stirling, attracted by their progressive approach to studying nursing.

“Having the chance to study adverse childhood experiences, undertake training like Being Dementia Smart (BDS) and having that additional backing of being a graduate from Stirling were all appealing,” explains Graeme. “I wanted to go to a university that was recognised for providing quality training and as such, providing quality nurses.”


Now in his third year, Graeme has learnt more than he could have ever expected. Placement has been a key area for his learning, as Graeme admits he can sometimes find theory challenging.

“It means you can take what’s being discussed in class and start to apply it,”  emphasises Graeme. “It also means that you can start to understand what kind of care interests you.”


With support from lecturers at the university and colleagues on placement Graeme knows he chose the right university for him, to help take his career in adult nursing further.

Now, Graeme would encourage other young people to consider a career in nursing, he says: “If you have an interest in something, you’re likely to find a nursing role that will fit it; and you’ll develop interests related to fields of nursing that you never imagined existed, or that you never thought would interest you.

“You have got this. Start applying now. As a nurse, our possibilities are endless.”

It’s time to discover how the University of Stirling can help you.

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