Spread a little kindness

Today is National Kindness Day – 24 hours dedicated to showing a little bit of kindness to those around you. Ahhh.

It’s from the Diana Award, the charity set up in memory of Princess Diana, and it’s all about being a little nicer, friendlier and helpful. Because, let’s face it – there’s no harm in putting a smile on someone else’s face.

The Award are looking for the public to register any act of kindness they carry out today on their website, with a target of 20,000 random acts of kindness taking place today. If you want to spread a little joy, we’ve got some inspiration to get you started…

1. Buy a homeless person a coffee.

2. Give someone a compliment.


3. Send someone a surprise gift (your mum won’t say no to a bunch of flowers).

4. Bake a cake to share with friends.

5. Leave anonymous positive notes on your classmates’ desks.


6. Help an elderly neighbour cross the road (but only if they want to cross the  road – don’t just drag them over).

7. Remember to say ‘thank you’ when you buy something in a shop.

8. Teach someone something new.


9. Send a friend something in the mail. Just because.

10. Go through your wardrobe and donate anything you don’t wear any more to charity.

11. Sign up to volunteer with a local charity or organisation.


12. Send a Facebook message to that pal who really needs a friend right now.

13. Put some money in that busker’s guitar case. Even if they aren’t very good.

14. Don’t get involved in that gossip session – say something nice about the person instead.


15. Hold the door open.

16. Leave a generous tip in a restaurant.

17. Top up a stranger’s parking meter for them.

18. Make up a playlist for a friend full of songs that spark great memories.


19. Pay someone’s bill for them in a café.

20. Wash your parents’ car for them. And don’t demand money for it.

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