Over to you: Aimee Thorpe on COVID and mental health

Well, this year definitely didn’t go the way you originally planned. From exam fiascos, months out of school to cancelled summer holiday plans, what happened to 2020? Young Scots share their 2020 on pause.

Aimee Thorpe,

20, Glasgow

While every student is different, one event has been indiscriminate and has touched the lives of millions of people worldwide. COVID-19 has quickly and effectively stopped our lives and left many wondering what to do.

I found my classes trying to move online but struggling due to issues with the technology. My exams were cancelled, and I was given a CA (credit awarded) grade. I am starting semester one with my lectures online, my seminars online, and my workshop has not been confirmed yet, although due to the nature of it they will try to accommodate it on-campus.

A major aspect of university life is socialising, meeting new people and making friends. Due to the coronavirus outbreak students have been unable to see their classmates or any staff members in person. In the days of social media, it would make sense that everything could be online,

however having experienced this myself I would much rather be able to socialise with my classmates, and approach lecturers for a quick chat if needed.

The lack of physical presence can make it difficult to attend any meetings or appointments; for example, meeting with student advisors to discuss subject choices or meeting with the counselling services.

Mentally the coronavirus pandemic is exhausting. Students, including myself, have experienced a severe lack of motivation and drops in productivity. I have found myself stuck in multiple ruts regarding my sports training and my studies. With little to no engagement with my academic tutors, I have found it hard to find the motivation to practice my writing skills or pick up a book.

It is very easy to get stuck in ruts like these, but it is important to reach out for support during these times to prevent this continuing once the academic year restarts. Although it may be hard to visit family and friends, it is important to surround yourself with those who will support you and keep you going strong.

COVID-19 has had an impact on everyone, life as we know it has changed and we are unsure of when it may return to normal. Hopefully we can all stay safe and gradually get back to some normality again.

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