Let them eat cake: Behind the scenes with a vegan cafe owner

There’s no wrong path to achieving your dreams, something that is exemplified by Poppy Murricane, owner of one of Glasgow’s popular vegan cafés, Rawnchy. Poppy chats running her own business and her favourite dishes to make.

Higher education isn’t the perfect fit for everyone: That’s how Poppy Murricane felt when she left school at 16 after completing her Highers. Unsure of the exact path she wanted to follow, Poppy set off to teach English in Thailand for a year but stayed for six years working as a scuba dive instructor.

After her time in Thailand, Poppy moved to Copenhagen for two years and started university but realised it wasn’t for her, she remembers: “I came back to Scotland to find out what I wanted to do with my life, got three jobs and started saving money furiously.”

Becoming a boss

Poppy always loved the idea of becoming her own boss and running a business, but never thought her dream would become a reality. “I never knew what I was going to do with my life and that crippled me with fear from the earliest years of high school,” recalls Poppy.

Quickly becoming interested in healthy eating, Poppy started making raw, vegan cakes, she says: “I just started making cakes one day and they kind of went viral on Facebook and Instagram.

“At that point I wondered if it could actually be something I could make a living from.”

Rawnchy was born, initially selling vegan cakes to restaurants and service stations, but after acquiring a production space Poppy decided to add in a few tables and open as a café. Now, Rawnchy has grown in popularity and moved to a bigger space in Glasgow’s East End.

Finding inspiration

Before starting her business, Poppy had no experience, she simply followed her gut.

“When creating Rawnchy I completely freestyled it all with no experience, planning or any idea where it was going,” explains Poppy. “I can now be proud of what I have achieved and have found confidence in myself.”

Along with owning the business, Poppy is the mastermind behind Rawnchy’s colourful cakes, but her ideas come from different channels, she says: “Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea that I’ll need to write down in notes on my phone, sometimes customers will give me feedback or ideas themselves.”

Looking back on her journey to becoming a business owner, Poppy would encourage young people to follow the path they feel most passionate about, even if that isn’t a traditional route.

“Simply follow your heart,” advises Poppy. “Be true to yourself and never let anyone change you or your ideas, be strong and brave. If it is meant to be it will happen, have faith in that.”

With a passion for finding new recipes, creating new dishes and growing Rawnchy, Poppy’s next target is to put the café on the map as one of Glasgow’s brunch hot spots.

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