Over to you: Rachel Gorman on missing the milestones

Well, this year definitely didn’t go the way you originally planned. From exam fiascos, months out of school to cancelled summer holiday plans, what happened to 2020? Young Scots share their 2020 on pause.

Rachel Gorman,

17, Dundee

Enduring lockdown at first was challenging, being unable to meet friends and family and taking part in things that I relish was absent. I felt misplaced and bored senseless, lockdown felt tedious, the normality was gone which felt very offbeat.

I finished my final year of high school, which has been very daunting because of the sudden leave. It was tough to process. I didn’t get the closure that I was expecting during this chapter in my life. I was devastated that my school dance and yearbook were at risk of getting cancelled, after anticipating it since first year. 

I felt apprehensive about exam results day as I was unsure what my grades would look like due to the cancellation of exams. Exam results day caused outrage among students who felt like they were issued grades unfairly along with myself. I will be starting college in September, this has been intimidating due to being unsure of what’s to come.

I had to seek support from school at home, which has been very cumbersome. I feel uneasy starting this new chapter in my life while COVID-19 is going on.

Despite the negatives I have found that COVID-19 has its positive moments, I feel that COVID-19 has brought my family together. I have accessed many opportunities during lockdown: Joining online groups with young carers trust; gained many skills during lockdown through online courses; and doing volunteering. I hope for a brighter future when we tackle this pandemic and come out better because of it.

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