Picking up the phone for support this results day

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Everything you’ve been working towards, have been nervous for and have worried about is finally here: results day. If you open the envelope and don’t see what you would like today, there’s a team ready to offer you advice and support.

Firstly, a congratulations is in order – you’ve made it this far no matter what your results are. Completing your exams, applying for higher education and making it to this moment are all big achievements within themselves.

But, if your results aren’t what you hoped for it isn’t the end of the world.

You also have loads of options that will see you on the path to success.

A phone call away

Once you’ve had a five minute freak out, take a deep breath and think about your next steps. This can be a stressful and confusing time, seeking advice from an expert is the best option.

The free Skills Development Scotland exam results helpline gives you access to dedicated advice from experts.

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Open from 8am this morning, the helpline offers advice, information and guidance for young people and their parents on results day. This includes unique access to information on UCAS course vacancies at UK colleges and universities, confirmation and clearing, and advice about jobs and apprenticeships.

Getting advice takes minutes but will put your mind at ease and stop you worrying for days.

Call 0808 100 8000 now if you need results day advice.

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