REVIEW: Mallory Know – Asymmetry

MalloryKnox-ASYMMETRYBritish rock band Mallory Knox today release their highly anticipated second album, Asymmetry – and you’re definitely going to want to give it a listen to if you’re a fan of the alternative rock genre.

Following up from their debut album Signals, Asymmetry does not disappoint. Like the lyrics of the opening track state, this album goes ‘full throttle, full speed ahead.’ Ghost in the Mirror opens the album, bursting with energy and guitar riffs that are guaranteed to get the crowd at a gig going. Proof that Mallory Knox could easily be named kings of British rock comes in the form of the third track Dying to Survive with its distinguishable opening bass line and vocalist Mikey Chapman belting out the closing lyrics.

If you were hoping for a slower tune then you won’t be disappointed with When Are We Waking Up. Despite the pace picking up by the second chorus, the song opens with a dream-like acoustic. The album takes an unexpected turn as a more orchestral melody takes charge in She Took Him To The Lake. Half way through the melody picks up, reminding listeners that these guys mean business and the song closes with a heavier beat.

Chapman’s vocals are on point throughout the whole album, especially in the track Lonely Hours. The record closes with the track Dare You, a track filled with emotion. No album is complete without one.

With the debate of whether or not rock music has gone downhill over the past few years, Mallory Knox have proved many people wrong. Like anything, the genre may have had a few alterations over the years, but it’s still going strong and Asymmetry is one of the albums responsible for keeping it alive.

Mallory Knox will be performing in Glasgow on the 10th November 2014 at the Garage.


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