REVIEW: Taylor Swift – 1989

Taylor-Swift-1989Don’t know if you’ve heard – it’s been kept relatively quiet (ahem), but Swifty has a new album out. Pop fans of the world, rejoice!

Because that’s what 1989 is – pure pop. Tay’s taken a step away from her country roots (although, how ‘country’ was she really?) to go full on pop princess. And it’s magical.

The 19-track deluxe edition of 1989 is crammed full of singalong pop anthems which, in true Taylor style, are all about matters of the heart, growing up and generally trying to figure it all out. As the name suggests, there’s nods towards the 80s here – Taylor’s usual country guitar has been replaced by synths and electric drums to create big, powerful pop that you can’t get enough of.

Pop’s not got the best reputation, but artists like Taylor are showing that the genre can be bloomin’ brilliant. Because Ms Swift is an incredible songwriter – she shows a maturity beyond her years in her lyrics, head and shoulders above competitors.

Standout tracks include the brilliant Out of the Woods, about that horrific ‘what are we doing’ stage of a relationship (anyone who says that’s exciting is a massive liar), Blank Space, where Taylor calls out her public perception as a serial dater, and lead single Shake It Off. Any song which calls on the fella over there with the hella good hair is a winner.

There’s not a duff track on 1989, from the spot-on vocals to relatable lyrics – this is an album to pop when you’re heartbroken, when you’re getting ready for a party or you just want to appreciate some solidly good music.

Taylor, you’ve done it again – we are not worthy.


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