Ridiculous resolutions

The countdown to 2018 is officially on. What will the new year bring? What goals will you achieve? Will you and your cutie pie crush finally get it on? The options are limitless and it’s almost too much to handle.

We need a lie down.

Back to it, this is the time of year to wave goodbye to the highs and lows of the year before you look forward to the year ahead. Forget hitting the gym or ditching chocolate, there is some fun to be had with resolutions. In 2018 why not…

  1. Treat yo’ self! The saying goes work hard, play hard. You smashed that test you were worrying about? Yas, queen! Hit the shops and reward your fine self.
  2. Apply for that dream internship – what’s the worst that could happen? You get a knockback or you get your foot in the door – either way, they’re going to know your name.
  3. Follow your favourite band on one of their UK tours. You might even become BFFs.
  4. Raise a crazy amount of money for a good cause. Love rhinos but devo that they’re nearly extinct? Fix that with a charity event to raise some dolla and see the rhinos live on.
  5. Write a book, or a poem, or a song. Let your creative side run wild.
  6. Really go for it on the creative/sporting/hobby front and enter a competition. Step out of your comfort zone and enter a competition for your hobby of choice. The experience will be worth it, win or lose.
  7. Go even further outside the box and pick up a hobby you’ve never thought about before. Boxing, pole fitness, sewing, graffiti art, pottery – the options are endless.
  8. Ditch the technology. Log off social media for a couple of days a week and live in the now. You’ll be amazed at how good you feel after it.
  9. Grab your mates and plan a fantastic summer of fun. Go down a different path and volunteer at a soup kitchen, homeless charity or with the elderly. You’ll learn so much whilst having fun with your pals, helping the community.
  10. Own it – this ain’t no dress rehearsal. You’ve got one life so time to stop comparing yourself to others and go out and achieve all you can. You got this.

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