The 2017 Roundup

Fair enough, there is still a week of 2017 to go, but we’re SO excited for 2018. There have been some serious highs and lows this year, with Brexit literally dominating everything. Again.

Despite the lows and the losses, there have been some pretty good moments throughout the year.

2017 delivered elections, a new iPhone, scandals, festivals and Big Shaq. We round up our highlights – 2017, it’s been emotional.

The General Election

Prime Minister Theresa May went against her word – no surprise there – and called a snap election. Deep in the corner of May’s cabinet, we imagine the Conservative party were laughing about their upcoming success over tea and digestives – that was until Jeremy Corbyn turned up to the party.

Jezza was shunned as a nobody who didn’t understand what the general public wanted. How wrong these assumptions were. Jezza not only knew what people wanted, he understood what the yoof wanted. The 2017 general election saw the highest turnout of young voters in 25 years, which ultimately led to Labour gaining more votes than anyone thought possible and a hung parliament. Booya.

Technically, Theresa May did win, but her win is overshadowed by the fact young people are now paying attention to politics and they’re not happy.

Love Island

After all the election drama, ITV2 jetted off to Majorca to film a bunch of good-looking single people attempt to fall in love. On paper, Love Island shouldn’t work but do you know what? It does – it works on so many levels. This year saw a total of 32, yes 32, people enter and leave the villa. Some found love and some just ended up getting on everyone’s nerves.

Muggy Mike, we’re looking at you here.

Love Island ran for 52 days and we loved every single cuddle, kiss, task, fall-out, and the mountains of gossip. We’ve already got our bags packed for next year. It’s going to be a long, hot summer.

Sanitary products

Scotland only went and broke the mould again in the summer by becoming the first country in the world to provide free sanitary products to women on low incomes. Period poverty is a very real issue in many countries due to the cost of products, not to mention being taxed as a luxury item, ahem. Well, the Scottish Government are now on track to roll out free sanitary products across the country with pads and tampons available as a ‘basic right’. About time.


As T in the Park ‘takes a break’, organisers brought Scotland TRNSMT. Everyone was sceptical of the new kid, who is definitely ‘not replacing’ T in the Park, coming in to try and steal the show. That was until TRNSMT delivered and then some.

Headliners Radiohead, Kasabian and Biffy Clyro were joined by other major acts including The View, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, The 1975, London Grammar and many more. Glasgow Green was brought to life, the sun was shining and literally every single person was having a belter. No surprise TRNSMT is coming back next year, bigger and better… T in the what?

Great British Bake Off

The devastating and frankly appalling news that GBBO would be moving from BBC 1 to Channel 4 was almost too much to handle. Then Mary Berry, Sue and Mel pulled out of the show – what was going to happen to GBBO now? Noel Fielding, that’s what was going to happen.

Eccentric, bright, and often garish shirts worn by Noel breathed new life into the baking show. GBBO lived on. And it was just as glorious. Noel, alongside Sandy Toksvig and Prue Leith and old blue eyes, stuck to the original concept so it continued to be a jolly good evening of night-time telly. Just those bloomin’ adverts!


A slightly serious issue but one that can’t be overlooked. After a small movement of women and men in Hollywood revealed the shockingly high number of sexual assault cases – both historic and recent – one movie mogul was brought down and the #MeToo campaign began.

The phrase was first coined in 2006, by social activist Tarana Burke, and returned to the limelight after Charmed actress Alyssa Milano encouraged people to use the term when telling their experience of sexual misconduct.

Some of the stories were hard to hear, but shining a light on sexual abuse and assault left everyone feeling empowered. In a world where a misogynist is the president of America and women’s rights are being dragged back to the 1950s #MeToo fuelled a whole lotta girl power.

Queen Toff

What could be better than watching a bunch of semi-famous people stuck in a jungle eating a kangaroo’s private parts? We can’t think of anything either, and that’s why I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here is on it’s 17th series.

This season saw Made In Chelsea’s Georgia Toffolo, known as Toff, walk away with the crown. Her down to earth, optimistic, determined attitude contributed to her win but so did her sheer love for older politicians – especially Stanley Johnson. Toff’s appreciation for politics was fantastic, and is sure to get even more young people interested in current affairs.

Royal Engagement

The rumour mill was in serious overdrive this year, filled with will they, wont they? Turns out, they will. Prince Harry popped the big question to his American actress bae Meghan Markle and everyone was all doe-eyed at their official photos. Yeah it’s cute, but why are we not getting a bank holiday? 

Sleep in the park

In a bid to end homelessness in Scotland, social enterprise Social Bite launched Sleep in the Park. The event saw 8,000 people brave the cold of Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh to raise nearly £4 million pounds to tackle homelessness in Scotland. Famous faces like Sir Chris Hoy, John Cleese and Rob Brydon made speeches and Liam Gallagher and Amy Macdonald provided the tunes.

It was a complete success, with the announcement made that around 475 new homes will be made available for homeless people because of the event. Together we can end homelessness in Scotland.

Social media

This old chestnut! As we step into the festive period, social media is filled with picture perfect Christmas celebrations and selfies. Loads of selfies. Mostly in Christmas jumpers. Thankfully, this year saw more and more people accept that not everything online is true – filters exist folks. Celebrities have even been getting involved to encourage more people to accept that everyone always lives their best life online.

2017, it’s been great. Now we can’t wait to see what 2018 will bring…

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