The yoga trends you NEED to know about

Today is International Yoga Day. Whether you know your downward dog from your warrior pose or not, the ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice is one that’s well worth embracing.

Originating in India about 2,000 years ago, yoga is good for building strength, flexibility and for clearing your mind, decreasing stress and helping you unwind – and just about anyone can give it a go!

And there’s more to yoga than classes packed with middle-aged ladies in your local leisure centre. Oh, yes. Yoga’s getting jazzed up all over the place – and there are some rather, er, unusual versions emerging.

Check this lot out.

Goat yoga

Sadly, the goats aren’t getting involved with a spot of eagle pose. Although we wish they were. Nope, people are holding yoga classes with some baby goats in attendance.

It all kicked off on a farm in America, and now the craze has come to the UK, with a Southampton farm offering ‘goga’ classes for £20 a pop.

Apparently the goats help create a more relaxing atmosphere – even when they’re nibbling at your toes. Goats love climbing on things, and they’ll quite often hop on top of participants to give them a gentle back massage with their hoofs.

Hot yoga

Hot yoga, or bikram yoga, is actually pretty mainstream these days – but the idea is pretty mind-boggling for newbies to the practice.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. You’ll do a regular yoga class, but the studio temperature is cranked up. The room tends to be heated to between 35 and 42°C, with a humidity level of 40%. Sweaty!

The idea is that the heat loosens up your muscles and helps you achieve the poses more easily

Horse yoga

Shout out to the people bold enough to get their bridge pose on on the back of a horse!


Of course, our four-legged doggy pals couldn’t not get in on the action, as we saw in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent auditions.

Dog yoga, or doga, sees owners pair up with their furry pals for a relaxing sessions of stretching, breathing and meditation.

Not only does it help build trust between you and your pup, but your doggo will come away from the session more relaxed too.

Beer yoga

Over-18s only for this one! Beer yoga is the latest fitness trend, coming all the way from Germany.

You’ll go through your various poses, and drink a bottle of beer at the same time.

Maybe the booze boosts your confidence for the tricky stretches…?

Bunny yoga

Yes, rabbits are getting involved too.

Could their possibly be anything better than a fitness class that involves a cuddle with a bunny? Nope.

The rabbits mostly hop about while yogis do their thing on their mats.

Paddle yoga

Some people are doing yoga on paddle boards. On actual water.

Talk about the ultimate test of balance and concentration.

If you’r after something a little more conventional, you can search for a yoga instructor near you at the British Wheel of Yoga site here.

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